Akord App
High-level feature list of work completed and planned upcoming features.
  • Akord Notes (released: March 2022) We already have people using Akord to store backup phrases, passwords and other highly sensitive data. We also see notes providing the perfect tool to capture memories, little snippets from our daily lives, that we may want to pass on or remember many years into the future. The social vaults in Akord are ideal for sharing this type of data. Akord notes will give people the ability to create encrypted files within Akord and send them straight to Arweave. Cut out any centralised cloud services and keep everything within Akord.
  • Vault layout & chat (released: May 2022) In some ways a small set of changes, but in my opinion a significant shift in the experience of the app: we’ll be switching the order of the tabs in the vault and putting a clear focus on chat. The vault tabs will be renamed, so Activity is now Chat, and Assets is now Files. Activity has functioned like a timeline of all events in the vault. Renamed as Chat, this will now only display messages. We’ve already introduced emoji reactions and we’ll continue to add messenger-type features like reply to message, so each vault will feel like it has its own built-in encrypted Telegram or Signal thread, with the added bonus all messages are stored on Arweave.
  • Akord Explorer A light-weight, open-source permaweb app, it will be forever available on the permaweb, decrypting and providing access to your Akord–Arweave assets. A bit like a blockchain explorer, but with galleries... see below.
  • Media Viewer 2.0 As part of the explorer, permaweb galleries will provide a stylishly timeless way to view your photos, files, videos and audio directly on Arweave. Being open source, this tool will provide others with ability to build seamless media experiences with encrypted data on Arweave.
  • Public vaults You wanted it, we're building it. Adding the support for public files on Arweave within Akord will make Akord the one-stop data storage solution for anyone looking to store data on Arweave - whether it's a highly sensitive doc or your treasured NFT PFP.
  • Mint on upload
    Once we have public vaults, we can work on minting a file as an Arweave Atomic NFT at the same time as you upload it to Akord. Arweave has rapidly established itself as the defacto storage layer for the assets of NFTs stored on other chains. The Atomic NFT is Arweave’s response to the question - why isn’t everything stored on Arweave? There’s so much untapped potential on Arweave itself to build its own NFT ecosystem based around the Atomic NFT. I believe once this feature is out there it will open the door to many more exciting possibilities.
  • Crypto payments
    Akord currently only supports fiat payment via an integration with Stripe payments. Handy for non-crypto/web3 people and we also give 1% of our revenue from these payments to removing carbon from the atmosphere. But for crypto natives, we appreciate that it can often make sense to pay in crypto especially if you’re already holding AR. We’re looking at a few options to provide people with crypto payments, including an integration with everPay that would allow payment in AR, as well as ETH, DAI, USDT and USDC.
  • Token-gated access
    Currently, you can set Terms of Access to your Akord vaults, which can contain anything you like as a notice to be digitally signed on joining the vault. Expanding on this idea, there would be another possible requirement that could be set for gaining access to a vault: a specific token. We’ve had requests for this from DAOs looking for a web3 storage solution, as well as interest from brands who sell products intended to be passed down through the generations and are looking for a digital storage solution where exclusive benefits and services can be provided.
  • Mobile app This was the top request in our survey at the end of 2021. We'll be looking at the various options for delivering a mobile app and will be aiming to deliver in 2022.
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