High-level feature list of work completed and planned upcoming features.
  • Akord Explorer A light-weight, open-source permaweb app, it will be forever available on the permaweb, decrypting and providing access to your Akord–Arweave assets. A bit like a blockchain explorer, but with galleries... see below.
  • Permaweb galleries As part of the explorer, permaweb galleries will provide a stylishly timeless way to view your photos directly on Arweave. Being open source, we can see the community creating their own galleries, optimised for specific media.
  • Facebook onramp You probably hate Facebook. You probably still have lots of photos on Facebook. And that's probably the only reason your account is still active... let's provide a tool to get all those memories ported over to a social vault on Akord in a couple of clicks.
  • NFTs Mint and store Arweave Atomic NFTs in Akord.
  • Dead man's switch You get hit by a bus. It's not all bad news. The bus is electric, because it's well into the future and you led a long and happy life. Also, Akord has a dead man's switch built into the protocol so your priceless NFTs get passed to your loved ones.
  • THE DAO. Akord the protocol is enshrined with the decentralised structure of a DAO. Our community becomes a tokenised network and co-owners. Code goes open source and the protocol is released into the wild.
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