Troubleshooting website publishing

  1. If you're unable to load files from your HTML, make sure that the links are relative to the root. For example if you have a folder named photos you would use src="photos/photo1.jpg or if you're accessing a file from the root href="index.html"

  2. Ensure that your manifest.json file was generated after uploading your files. You can generate manifests multiple times, each time receiving a unique URL that represents a snapshot of the vault's state at that particular time."

  3. Wait for the transactions to confirm on the Arweave blockchain before attempting to access your site. This may take a few minutes up to an hour.

  4. Make sure to choose the permaweb url from the File Info menu from manifest.json. You can also choose to access the permaweb via<file tx id>. The file tx id is found under the 'File Info' menu.

  5. If you encounter any errors, refer to the Arweave documentation or our Community Discord channel for support.

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