Sending invites

After you create your vault, one of the first things you may want to do is invite other people. You can find the option to invite from two views: the menu accessible on the list of vaults or within a specific vault itself.

Within the invite screen you can enter the email address of the person you want to invite, and then set the permissions you want to give them. You can also invite several people at the same time.



If you invite someone as an Owner, they have equal rights to manage the vault and its members.

Owners have access to vault-leve features such as inviting and revoking people, renaming the vault, archiving and disabling the vault.

Owners have access to core features such as posting encrypted messages, uploading files, adding new file versions, renaming files, revoking files.

Owner access cannot be revoked. They can only give up their acess by leaving the vault.


If you invite someone as a Contributor they have all the core features need to contribute and collaborate: post encrypted messages, upload files, add new file versions, file rename, revoke files and request data.

The features not available to Contributors are vault-level features that are only available to you as the vault owner, such as inviting people, renaming, archiving and disabling the vault.

View only

If you invite someone with View only permissions, then they can only view the Activity and Assets in the vault. They can also download files, as some files may not be able to viewed within the vault if their file type is not supported by the file viewer.

You can write a message that will be sent along with your invitation. This message is not encrypted, as we send it inside an email notification, so do not include any sensitive information within this message.

Accepting or rejecting an invite

Anyone you invite will be sent an email with any message you sent and a link to view the vault. After clicking the link and entering their Akord login details (if they're not already signed in) , they will be able to access your vault.

Managing access

After you invite someone there are a number of situations where you may need to manage their access to the vault.

You may need to resend their invite if they can’t find the original invite.

You may want to change their permissions or remove them altogether from your vault.

All of these actions can be done from within the Manage Access screen, which is located in the vault menu.

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