Akord protocol

The Akord protocol provides secure digital vaults that live on-chain and offer the following properties.

  • Permanence supported by an auditable, immutable, durable and perpetual blockchain storage network – Arweave.

  • Privacy with technologies such as end-to-end encryption, zero knowledge encryption and homomorphic encryption, each vault can function as a secure space for its members.

  • Composability from a modular design that promotes the encapsulation of cryptographic primitives to build dynamic proof systems. Vaults are flexible and can be customized for your use case.

The protocol defines how within an Akord vault groups of people can share and collaborate with files, audio, video, notes and messages. The protocol can function across generations through the use of Arweave and SmartWeave contracts.

Akord protocol consists of the vault smart contract that defines a set of valid action types – commands and their permissions. Every action within the vault is a transaction – an interaction with the corresponding vault contract instance.

The owner creates the vault and can invite others, managing access to it by assigning new members as contributors or viewers. The vault owner and contributors can then share the new data within the vault. Any vault member can read this data.

The data in the vault is organised in node objects where each node has its id, type, data versions and can reference another node as its parent.

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