requires Node.js 16

import { Akord } from "@akord/akord-js";


const { Akord } = require("@akord/akord-js");

Quick start

Init Akord

with email & password

import { Auth, Akord } from "@akord/akord-js";
const { wallet, jwt } = Auth.signIn(email, password);
const akord = Akord.init(wallet);

with Akord Wallet & JWT

const akord = Akord.init(wallet, { authToken: jwt });

Create vault

const { vaultId } = await akord.vault.create("my first vault");

Upload file to the vault by creating new stack

const { stackId, uri } = await akord.stack.create(vaultId, file);

Download the latest stack version

const filePath = await;

Query user vaults

const vaults = await akord.vault.listAll();

More examples

See our demo app tutorial and learn how to create, contribute and access an Akord Vault. We also have some example flows in our tests repository.

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