Uploading files

When you upload your files, you will either be uploading them to permanent blockchain vaults or to cloud vaults.

Selecting and confirming files

Select your files from the + button, or drag and drop your files directly into the vault screen.

We then ask you to check that selection, showing you all the files, how big each file is, the total upload size and the available storage you have.

We provide this confirmation step for a couple of reasons.

First, it's an additional check to make sure you're uploading to the correct storage type. You will either be uploading them to permanent blockchain vaults or to cloud vaults.

Vault types have been explained here.

When you're uploading to permanent blockchain vaults

It's important to remember you can't delete what you upload. Mistakenly uploading a 2 GB film instead of the 30 KB jpg you meant to click on is a costly error that can't be undone.

You may not have enough available storage for all the files you selected to upload. So a modal with a final check provides you with the possibility to remove some files and continue with the upload, or go and top up your storage.

It's also important to recheck the privacy setting of your vault. You don't want to permanently upload private data to a public vault where it's easily accessible for anyone.

When you're uploading to cloud vaults

You don't have to worry about the permanence of data, it can be easily removed.

However, it's still important to check the privacy setting of your vault. You don't want to upload private data to a public vault where it's easily accessible.

Large file uploads

On v2.akord.com there is theoretically no limit to the size of the file you can upload, but it will depend on your internet connection. We have had users upload files up to 12 GB over very slow internet connections, but this can take a long time. Please be patient if you're uploading large files.

We advise using Chrome or Safari browsers when dealing with large files. Firefox has some known issues when dealing with encryption and decryption of large files in the browser.

Progress bar

After you've hit upload, you'll see a progress bar showing your files are being uploaded.

Posting blockchain transactions

This is the final step where we prepare the transaction to post to Arweave.

Upload completed

Once your upload is complete, you will see a green notification box at the bottom of the screen confirming your uploads.

Confirming files on Arweave

You can now exit the app and leave the rest to us.

Committing files to the Arweave blockchain is not an instantaneous process. Committing new transactions on Arweave can take time and that time can vary. Sometimes the process can be a matter of minutes, and at other times with network congestion it can be much longer.

Don't worry, whatever is happening with the Arweave network, we won't lose your data – we keep a cached version of your file (encrypted of course, if you make an upload to a private vault), giving you access to the file as soon as you upload it and before it gets committed on-chain, regardless of how long that takes.

When you initially upload files you will see an orange dot appear on the file icon, indicating the file is with Akord, pending processing by Arweave.

You will then see a yellow dot appear on the file icon which indicates that your file is with Arweave and is currently being processed by the network.

While your files are in a pending state, you can view, move and rename them.

If for any reason the file is rejected by Arweave, we automatically queue and repost the file, meaning it should always just be a matter of time before the file is committed.

View the Arweave transaction

You can view the Arweave transaction for your file on viewblock – the blockchain explorer for Arweave.

Go to the file menu and select "File info". Within the file info menu there is a "View transaction" option.

Normally it will take ~15 minutes to confirm a transaction on Arweave.

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