Quick start

This short section describes how to setup your environment for the Akord Command Line Interface (CLI).

With the Akord CLI, you can interact with the protocol to create vaults, upload files, post messages and more.

To get started, make sure you have Node version 16+ installed. Test your version of node and NPM from the command line.

node version
npm version

We recommend using Node Version Manager (NVM) to manage the installation and versioning of Node.


With node and NPM both installed, you can download and install the Akord CLI.

npm install -g @akord/akord-cli

Launch your first Akord vault

Now that you have the tools installed, let's launch a new vault on the permaweb. To proceed with the tutorial, please signup with an Akord account.

With your account ready, simply login via the command line:

akord login winston@gmail.com

The CLI should return your public keys.

     _      _                         _ 
    / \    | | __   ___    _ __    __| |
   / _ \   | |/ /  / _ \  | '__|  / _` |
  / ___ \  |   <  | (_) | | |    | (_| |
 /_/   \_\ |_|\_\  \___/  |_|     \__,_|
Your wallet was stored successfully at: ~/.akord
Your wallet address: 9+zypjejQt17sd0dJ5MSfOLSy7kXOPsEGVetOVOUkRgZe0Zpy83Kubx/enrTwxf+djMevL0BlK0WsrR49FAyHg==
Your wallet public key: vwRTJ8iMd0Dc+UyxEpueiIdCxiWXY9GZOJrBv1m6PXg=
Your wallet signing public key: fHmAfeYh5yZ5q9bkr3D45Jcoia/DDsXNVXR4zJOUnIc=

Create a vault

You're ready to create a vault.

akord vault:create "Hello World"

Make sure to note/save your vault id (see below). We'll use it for the next set of commands.

Vault successfully created with id: 8mECRKDn2mG1xabMEDgLYLtVDmr6pvrOMtAXdGQ4HxE
Your transaction has been successfully commited. You can view it in the explorer by visiting the link below:

Logging into the Akord app, you should be able to see your new vault.

Create a folder and upload a file

With our vault created, we're ready to create a folder with the vault ID we generated above:

akord folder:create 8mECRKDn2mG1xabMEDgLYLtVDmr6pvrOMtAXdGQ4HxE "my first folder"

And finally, let's upload the file as a new stack:

akord stack:create <vaultId> --file-path "./image.png" --parent-id <folderId>

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