Files and stacks

In an Akord vault, files and other assets are organized as 'stacks'. A stack represents one single file and all the subsequent revisions that may come after.

Upload a new File

akord stack:create <vaultId> --file-path "./photo.jpg"

Rename an existing stack

Stacks can be renamed. Each new name gets stored on top of the stack so that previous titles can be queried.

akord stack:rename <stackId> "image.jpg"

Upload a new version of the file

You can upload multiple versions of files to the same stack.

Similar to a stack of physical objects, each time you upload a new version, the stack height will increase. This gives a full audit trail of all the file's revisions and actions against it.

akord stack:upload-revision <stackId> --file-path "./image-2.jpg"

Move the stack to a different folder (parent)

Stacks can be moved between folders or other objects (parents). This gives the members flexible control over how they can organize their stacks, either hierarchical or by group.

akord stack:move <stackId> <parentId>

Revoke the stack

You can remove the stack from your active vault. This doesn't remove the data from the vault, but rather changes the list of active stacks/files.

akord stack:revoke <stackId>

Restore an archived stack

By restoring a stack, you make it active in the vault again.

akord stack:restore <stackId>

Delete an archived stack

Forever removes the stack from the vault.

akord stack:delete <stackId>

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