Use the App to upload

Upload assets to Arweave in 3 simple steps.

The app supports large file uploads, so no worries if you have a 10k collection to upload! You'll get 100 MB free on signup, allowing you to test out your workflow.

1. Sign up and get 100 MB free

πŸ‘‰ Create your account here.

2. Create a Permanent & Public vault

Press V as a shortcut to create a vault or click the "Create vault" button to setup your vault. Choose Permanent and Public:

3. Drag and drop your files

Drag and drop or select files locally. If you're uploading thousands of files in one go, no problem, just be patient!

Please jump in the Discord and let us know if you have any issues.

Check on the upload status

We provide various ways for you to check the status of your uploads as they make their way to Arweave.

There are a few steps the files pass through, indicated by coloured dots and explained with tooltip text:

You can also check the status on the Storage page in the Arweave transactions table. On the far right of the table you will see colour coded ticks with tooltip explainers as well:

NB There can be a delay between a file confirmed on the blockchain and Viewblock displaying the confirmation. Don't panic, the file is confirmed when the ticks are green, Viewblock just needs a little time to pull in the transaction.


For a few assets you can grab the Arweave links in the 'File info' panel for each asset. If you're uploading a collection with lots of files, then you can generate a manifest to get Arweave links for all the files uploaded in the vault. πŸ‘‰ Get the Arweave URLs.

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