Universal Content Marketplace

Introducing the UCM protocol

Following the UDL, the Universal Content Marketplace (UCM) was introduced as a new protocol on Arweave's network. It functions as an on-chain order book, enabling the trade of atomic assets on the Permaweb without the need for trust.

UCM differs from typical NFT marketplaces in that it is not restricted to certain asset types, but instead, it can handle a variety of assets like papers, domains, components, or even applications, highlighting the versatility of Permaweb.

UCM provides a decentralized and transparent trading environment for creators and users, and also offers opportunities for developers. Those with programming skills can develop their own front-end interfaces using the UCM protocol, allowing them to establish their own marketplaces for atomic assets and facilitate the exchange of digital content. BazAR is an example of a marketplace that was developed on the UCM platform.

You can read more about UCM here.

List your Atomic NFT on the UCM

You can choose to list your Atomic NFT on the UCM protocol, and ensure that your NFT will be discovered on BazAR and other future UCMs that may come in the future.

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