What are transaction ids returned by akord-js & how can I see my file on viewblock?

Transaction id returned by akord-js is a smart contract interaction with the Akord Protocol. It is instantly accessible from Warp Contracts explorer SonAR: https://sonar.warp.cc/#/app/interaction/{transactionId}.

Warp Contracts use BundlrNetwork to post transactions, when displaying interaction on their explorer, there is a field called Bundler Id which can take us to the bundled transaction on viewblock.

The actual file data is referenced in this smart contract interaction and is bundled by the Akord API.We can see the status of file transaction and corresponding permalink in the application's storage tab: https://v2.akord.com/storage.

Here’s a script to extract the permalinks from a vault: https://gist.github.com/rcaetano/6dcdb285c790e0e393f5f9957863ec77

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