We have clear and strong values. Ideals which we aim to manifest in our team, work, community and the world at large.

  • Data ownership. Empowering people with the tools to truly own their data is at the very heart of what Akord does.

  • Privacy. We believe privacy is fundamental human right, and we provide the privacy layer on Arweave.

  • Quality. Whether it's the pixel details in the UI of our product or a line of code, we strive for excellence and are committed to delivering quality in whatever we do.

  • Creativity. We believe in the power of creative thinking, disciplines and solutions.

  • Climate responsibility. We pledge 1% of our revenue to carbon removal β€” making your investment in data ownership an investment in a greener future.

  • The social good. We are working with the above values towards advancing the social good, creating tools and services that improve people's lives and contribute to a more just society.

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