Getting setup

Getting setup to mint Atomic NFTs literally takes a few minutes. Just follow these three steps...

1 | Sign up to Akord

In order to mint Atomic NFTs, you first need an Akord account!

πŸ‘‰ Sign up for Akord here.

You'll get 100 MB free of permanent storage on Arweave. Your account is free and yours forever. You'll be able to top up with additional permanent storage if necessary using your credit card. You can also subscribe to a plan to access more features and cheaper permanent storage.

2 | Create a permanent and public vault

Once you have your Akord account, log in and create a new vault.

When creating a new vault, select permanent storage (this will send all data to the Arweave blockchain), and ensure your vault is set to public (you want everyone to see your Atomic NFT!).

3 | Select the "Atomic NFT" tab

After you've created your permanent and public vault, you need to click on the Atomic NFT tab.

Now you're all set - just click "Mint Atomic NFT" and start the process!

The following pages in the docs will guide you through the major steps of minting.

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