Akord Wallet

The signup process to Akord is essentially the process to create your Akord wallet.

The Akord wallet is a crypto wallet, which means it holds the keys that encrypt and decrypt your data. It's also used to authenticate you and sign all your transactions.

After you enter your email and password during the signup process, you're provided with a 12-word recovery phrase. This is essentially the access control to your wallet.

We do not store your password on our servers and we cannot reset your password if you forget it.

Your recovery phrase is the only way to restore your account if you forget your password.

The safest option for storing a recovery phrase is to store it offline, written down and stored in several safe places. This is the standard approach for people who use crypto wallets to manage large amounts of crypto currencies.

Depending on the data you are storing on Akord, this may be a wise option. If your data has little monetary value you may be comfortable storing this phrase in a password manager.

If you choose this option we still recommend keeping an offline copy of the recovery phrase just in case anything happens with your storage provider.

At the very minimum, you should not be storing the recovery phrase online on an unencrypted service.

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