Manifest is a special case of Stack that is unique per vault and follows the Arweave Path Manifest standard.

generate(vaultId, manifest)

If there is no manifest for the vault, a new manifest stack will be created, otherwise a new version of the manifest will be generated and uploaded.

If no input JSON is provided by the user, the manifest will be generated automatically from the current vault state.

  • vaultId (string, required)

  • manifest (JSON, optional) - manifest JSON

  • returns Promise<{ transactionId }> - Promise with corresponding transaction id

const { transactionId } = await akord.manifest.generate(vaultId);


  • vaultId (string, required)

  • returns Promise<Stack> - Promise with the vault manifest object

const manifestNode = await akord.manifest.get(vaultId);

getVersion(vaultId, index)

Get vault manifest version by index, return the latest version by default

  • vaultId (string, required)

  • index (number, optional) - file version index

  • returns Promise<JSON> - Promise with JSON manifest

// get the latest vault manifest
const manifest = await akord.manifest.getVersion(vaultId);

// get the first version of the vault manifest
const manifestV1 = await akord.manifest.getVersion(vaultId, 0);

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