What happens if illegal or malicious content is uploaded?

Firstly, we take a very strong position on the misuse of our platform to upload illegal or malicious content. We stay in touch with the Arweave gateways and other ecosystem partners to try to prevent and limit this misuse of our service as much as possible.

At the gateway level, which is the service that makes Arweave content available through HTTP, there is active censoring of malicious content, eg, phishing code. We actively collaborate with the gateway on this issue.

Arweave also has a protocol built into the network, ANS-106: Do-Not-Store Request, which enables anyone to broadcast to all storage node operators that a particular piece of data should not be stored on the network.

Further to this, if a miner comes across content that cannot be stored due to local laws, for example, they can signal the network to remove it. If more than 50% of miners agree, the network will drop the content.

Nodes in the network must abide by the laws of their country so if the content is illegal and has been flagged, they must drop it from the network.

Akord’s Terms of Service are very clear on our position in regards to any content uploaded:

The Data must be lawful and be used in accordance with the rules of art and the laws and regulations in force.

The User undertakes and guarantees that the Data:

  • adhere to the regulations in force, in particular with regard to third party rights, intellectual property rights (copyright, patents, databases, trademarks, etc.), personality rights, and the applicable regulations with regard to protecting Personal Data;

  • are licit and/or are not contrary to public order or morality;

  • are not contrary to human dignity (inciting discrimination or racial hatred; of an offensive, defamatory or racist nature; images, videos or content of a pornographic or paedophilic nature, etc.);

  • do not contain any virus or programs that destroy data or that may disrupt the operation of the Services or cause any harm to other Users.

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