Media gallery

Supported media

The media gallery in Akord supports the main file formats for images, video and audio, as well as displaying pdfs, Akord notes, markdown and JSON files.

Launching the media viewer

To start viewing your files, click on the file you want to see.


Within public vaults, you have the option to Share. You will be given a link which will take someone directly into this media viewer.

Light or dark mode

You can select the theme color from light or dark mode by clicking on the sun/moon icon. This only applies while you're using the media viewer and will not affect your overall theme settings

View transaction (only in blockchain vaults)

To view metadata of your file, click on the "View transaction" icon. This will open the transaction page on Viewblock.

You can print or download any file displayed in the media viewer.

Zoom on images and PDFs

You can zoom in on pdfs and images simply by clicking on the file in the media viewer.

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