Withdrawal right

What the withdrawal right is and why we ask you to waive it.

What is the withdrawal right?

In many countries, the consumer must be informed of their right of withdrawal, and of the ways to exercise this right.

It means you have a right to exit a service if you wish, and this is typically 14 days from agreeing to use the service.

However, your right of withdrawal may be waived or not exist if the service is delivered before the end of the withdrawal period.

Why we ask you to waive this right

In Akord's case, the action of creating vaults and uploading data to the Arweave blockchain before this 14-day period would make any withdrawal action impossible – the data is already permanently stored on the blockchain, and any reversal of this action is impossible.

If you have any questions on this issue of other legal questions, please contact: terms@akord.com

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