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About Akord

Welcome to the Akord docs! Start off by learning about Akord.

What is Akord?

Akord is a platform built on the Arweave blockchain that creates valuable data.
When data is permanent and cannot be lost, it's more valuable; when it's end-to-end encrypted and you control the keys, it's more valuable; when you can tokenise data and embed it with usage terms, you can create value; and when you can gate access to valuable data, you protect and increase its value.

What can you do with Akord?

Akord is a versatile platform, we have our own app, API and gateway, with a dApp deployed on Arweave soon to be released.
The platform offers the following features:

Get started for free

Signup for our app and get free storage:
  • 100 MB permanent storage on Arweave
  • 1 GB of cloud storage
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