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  • Akord Explorer (in design) So what if Akord the company and app no longer exists? Our app isn’t deployed on Arweave, so that’s a good question. And Akord Explorer is our answer – deployed directly on Arweave, it will live alongside your data indefinitely. You’ll forever be able to easily find and decrypt any data you uploaded with Akord. Initially, Akord Explorer will be read-only, but over time we'll add more features so Akord Explorer provides a full dapp experience on the permaweb.
  • Crypto payments
    Akord currently only supports fiat payment via an integration with Stripe payments. Handy for non-crypto/web3 people and we also give 1% of our revenue from these payments to removing carbon from the atmosphere. But for crypto natives, we appreciate that it can often make sense to pay in crypto especially if you’re already holding AR. We’ll be working with everPay to allow payment in AR, as well as ETH, DAI, USDT and USDC.
  • Token-gated access
    Currently, you can set Terms of Access to your Akord vaults, which can contain anything you like as a notice to be digitally signed on joining the vault. Expanding on this idea, there would be another possible requirement that could be set for gaining access to a vault: a specific token. We’ve had requests for this from DAOs looking for a web3 storage solution, as well as interest from brands who sell products intended to be passed down through the generations and are looking for a digital storage solution where exclusive benefits and services can be provided.
More to come...