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Signing in

A short video overview covering the signup process.

Step 1. Email and password

Like web2 services, we ask for an email and password. But we use them in different ways.
We use the email address to communicate with you when important things happen in Akord. Additionally, your password serves as a shortcut for accessing your Akord wallet and decrypting your encryption keys on your device.

Step 2. Store your recovery phrase

Next, you're given a 12-word recovery phrase. This is extremely important. If you lose your password, you'll need this recovery phrase to recover access to your account.
Make you store this using the security best practices.

Step 3. Recovery phrase verification

To ensure you did indeed store this recovery phrase and didn't just skip through the last step without realising its importance, we ask you to verify your recovery phrase by entering two of the 12 words.

Step 4. Email verification

The final step is to verify your email address. We send you a link to the email address you entered in step 1. Click the link in the email and login for the first time to complete the process.