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Welcome to the Akord docs! Start off by learning about Akord.
What is Akord?

Protocol, app, collective, foundation

Akord protocol. Built on Arweave, the protocol facilitates permanent storage (public and end-to-end encrypted), private message and collaboration through key rotation.
Akord app. Built on the Akord protocol, the app provides a frictionless entry point for anyone to access Arweave storage: no third party wallet or AR is needed to get started and we offer 250 MB of free storage.
Zero Knowledge Collective. ZKC is the company that developed the Akord protocol and app.
Akord Foundation. We are currently in the process of setting up the Akord Foundation, which will be charged with the long-term management of the Akord protocol and executing our climate pledges.

Akord, Arweave and more...

The graphic below illustrates how Akord protocol and API sits on top and complements Arweave, and also how it enables a diverse application layer on top.
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