Uploading public files
You can upload files within a public vault.
Note that files uploaded from a public vault will be viewable by anyone. Therefore, only upload files that you want to make fully public.

Create a public vault

Click on the "Vaults" section in the top left corner, first.
Click on "Vaults"
Then, on the page of listed existing vaults, click the "New vault" button in the top right corner.
Click the "New Vault" button
After that, select the "Public" option and click the "Next" button to proceed. Please be aware that the files you upload onto the Public vault will not be encrypted. This means that they will be accessible unencrypted on Arweave permanently.
Select the "Public" option
Finally, type in the name of your new public vault, and click the "Create vault" button.
Type in the name of your new public vault

Upload a public file

To upload a public file, open your public vault first. Then click on the + button in the top right corner and select "Upload a file". Alternatively, you can drag and drop files.
Upload a public file