Akord App
Uploading files
Uploading files on Akord works a little differently to how you may be used to seeing things work on say Dropbox or Google Drive.
Select your files from the + button, or drag and drop your files directly into the vault screen. We then ask you to check that selection, showing you all the files, how big each file is, the total upload size and the available storage you have.
We provide this confirmation step for a couple of reasons.
First, you're uploading these files to permanent storage, so you can't delete what you upload. Mistakenly uploading a 2 GB film instead of the 30 KB jpg you meant to click on is a costly error that can't be undone.
Second, you may not have enough available storage for all the files you selected to upload. So this provides you with the possibility to remove some files and continue with the upload.
Once you click the 'Upload' button, your files are encrypted locally on your device. You will then see them appear in your 'Assets' tab, listed with an orange dot that identifies them as being in a pending state.
Committing files to the Arweave blockchain is not an instantaneous process. Similarly to making a transaction on the bitcoin blockchain, there are confirmation steps taken by miners on the network before new transactions are validated.
You can view your files in a pending state and even move them around or rename them.
Once they are verified on the Arweave blockchain, the orange dot will disappear.
If for some reason there was an error and the file was rejected, it will disappear and you will see a message appear at the bottom of the browser window.
You will be able to inspect all your upload transactions in their potential states – pending, verified, rejected – within the transactions table in the Storage page of the app. Read more about that here:
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