Akord App
How is pricing determined?
To store data on Arweave you must pay in the native $AR coin. Akord takes care of this payment, leaving you with a simple credit card payment to make.
The price of the $AR coin varies, which means the pricing on Akord will have to change from time to time, so we can ensure we have enough funds to cover the cost of Arweave storage.
Akord owns a store of $AR tokens and we price our storage to allow for an additional service charge that will help us become a profitable and sustainable business.
This is the first pricing model, and it will undoubtedly change as the product evolves. Changes to the Arweave protocol and developments in the crypto markets may also force us to change our model.
We commit to being transparent in our methods when determining pricing, and will always seek to find a solution that hopefully represents value for our users as well as provide a viable business model.
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